Twitter Case Study

Incredible Twitter Backlinks Experiment – Part 1

This article is a review of – the new service that I have decided to put through the ringers by conducting an experiment. I want to see how effective Twitter is for backlinks and how fast websites can be ranked solely from Twitter.

Basically, here is what a Twitter backlink looks like:

What piqued my interest in using Twitter, was this article from SEOMoz called A Tweet’s Effect On Rankings – An Unexpected Case Study. In a mere 4 hours they ranked #4 in the world for the phrase “Beginners Guide” by doing nothing except sharing their URL on Twitter.

Let’s cover the theory first.

Twitter Backlinks? How Important Are They for Ranking?


      • First, we know that backlinks are still the most influential factor underlying how fast a chiropractic website ranks and how HIGH it will rank in Google/Bing.
      • What has changed due to last years Google Panda update, is Google no longer values “junk” or “spam” backlinks. It only wants high quality backlinks. Such as those from and similar services. But also…
      • They are placing much greater emphasis on Social Voting and Social Signals like I wrote about in this article here. So the other ranking factor now is your Social Popularity in the eyes of Google, eg. how many Facebook “Likes”, how many reviews about you on sites like Yelp and Google Places, the number of Google +1 “votes”…  and… how many people are discussing you on Twitter.
      • I am conducting an experiment focusing on Twitter. I want to know: Do backlinks gotten from twitter help a website rank? Is Google seeing twitter backlinks? And, how important are twitter backlinks, in other words, are they that powerful and could we push a website up the rankings solely from Twitter? That is what I aim to find out from this experiment.


My Experiment

For this experiment, we will make Google see that one of my webpages has suddenly caught fire and is surging in social popularity. This will be accomplished using a new service launched called and we will be having people “retweet” my URL like crazy on Twitter.

In short, if a bunch of people are using Twitter to “talk about you” and they’re dropping your chiropractic website URL into that twiter message, this is strong evidence to Google/Bing that your “social popularity” is surging and growing.

Since Google wants to display the most relevant results always, who would they rather display at the top of Google: A website that NO ONE is talking about in the social “voting” realm vs. a website that 34 just Tweeted about?

I have no affiliation to service and I have told them I am putting their service through the ringer via this public experiment.

Day 1 – My Setup.

The test: Here was my experiment.

Using only, would I be able to rank for the keyword “socialadr review” for this webpage here:

And how fast? This would prove if (a) twitter is a good source to use for backlinks, (b) if consistent retweets of backlinks has an SEO benefit? and (c) validatation or invalidation of this new service called


      • I purchased the Enterprise Plan. This gets me 125 re-tweets daily or 3,750 per month.

      • Next, I logged into my Twitter account. Then I posted a Twitter message using my “keyword” and webpage URL. Here is what the Twitter message looked like:


      • Then I had to find the URL for this twitter message. All I needed to do was click on the little “time stamp” shown here and this displays the “URL” for my twitter post:



      • Then all I had to do was paste this link into TwitterBacklinks. (I put a red box around the twitter URL)


That’s it. Now the Re-Tweets Will Happen Automatically.

And that’s all the “work” I need to do! Twitterbacklinks now takes over and re-tweets my twitter message. Done.

Now let’s check in 12-hours later and see what has happened…

12-Hours Later

I got an email that my Twitter message was approved. Now I just needed to sit back and watch the action happen.

Results 24-Hours Later

I was VERY pleased to see that already my twitter message had been re-tweeted over 120+ times in less than 24 hours. This means I got 120 social backlinks pointing to my webpage and now Google will start to see my website as growing in popularity. showed me in the top 98% percentile for retweets, meaning I am suddenly in the top 2% for all Twitter users for social popularity based on the numbers of people sharing my twitter post. Take a look!

(Here is how RewteetRank.comdefines my percentile score – click here for definition)

Look at this action happening within 24 hours:


The first 24-hours results are quite promising. However Google doesn’t work overnight – ever – plus this blog is seen by Google as a brand new domain, so we have an uphill battle.

My Ranking BEFORE Starting the Experiment:

My URL was not even found in google for our keyword “socialadr review.”

My Rankings After 24-Hours

“socialadr review” – 63rd in Google
“review of socialadr” – 19th in Google

We are also now ranking for:

socialadr backlinking – 33rd
social adr review – 36th
socialadr reviews – 45th

This is getting me ranked very fast. So far, so good.

My Ranking After 48-Hours

Wow, this is pretty amazing. Within 48 hours my rankings have increased rather dramatically.

I now rank #3 in the world in Google for the phrase:

“review of socialadr”

I even am ranking #17 now for “socialadr” brand name. That is freaking awesome and pretty funny actually. Perhaps I can out-rank them even. We’ll keep our eye on that.

I would like to remind you that I am doing nothing else SEO-wise. Only using twitter for backlinks.

Looks like my premise of Google’s importance in social signals is spot on as I have been saying. This is strong evidence surely.

Take a look at the increases after only 2 days, and keep in mind this is only utilizing ONE of the seven social signals that I’ve identified:

“socialadr review” — Rank: #32. Increase: +31 spots!
“review of socialadr” — Rank: #3. Increase: +16 spots!
“SocialAdr backlinking” — Rank: #14. Increase: +19 spots!
“socialadr” — Rank: #17. Increase: n/a
“socialadr reviews” — Rank: #18. Increase: +27 spots!
“social adr review” — Rank: #21. Increase: +15 spots!
“ reviews” — Rank: #42. Increase: just entered
“ review” — Rank: #47. Increase: just entered.


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