How it works

Welcome to the world of Social Media Search Engine Optimization.

TwitterBacklinks is a service that generates a huge buzz and social following for your Twitter Status Update. Our Massive network has thousands and thousands of unique users all standing by ready to spread the word about your message/site. Some of these user accounts have been established for years so they come with a ton of authority and power.

Our process is very simple.

Step 1: You provide the direct URL(s) to your already created Twitter Status Update for us to Retweet.
Alternatively you can just give us the message you want promoted and we will create the original Tweet for you.

Step 2: Sit back and relax as our twitter network of users promotes your tweet through Retweets.

Step 3:
The exponential increase in Social Buzz is a major indicator to search engines like Google that the link you are promoting in your tweet is very important. This results in drastic gains in the search engines as they see a huge increase in your social media metric.

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