What is TwitterBacklinks?
TwitterBacklinks is a service that creates a huge social buzz around the Twitter status update of your choosing. See How it Works.

Is this safe?
Absolutely!  The process consists of thousands of unique Twitter users all Retweeting your Message/URL which Google Loves to See!

How many different URLs can I enter to receive ReTweets?
Our brand new interface allows you to enter as many URLs as you have daily retweets available (according to your subscription plan).  You now have complete control over how many daily ReTweets you want each entry to receive.  Feel free to adjust your settings at any time.  For an insider look at the members only dashboard Click Here.

How do I know your service is working?
You can easily monitor the retweet count of the URL you are promoting using Twitter's own API:  http://urls.api.twitter.com/1/urls/count.json?url=http://YourURLhere.com
Twitter recently removed the ability to track these signals. We hope they will bring it back one day.

Does Google even care about Twitter? Will this increase my search rank?
100% Yes!  Even Matt Cutts has said, “Yes I can confirm we do use Twitter and Facebook Links in Rankings…We ARE using this as a Signal…


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